Ten Pin Alley for Windows

Ten Pin Alley

Draconis Entertainment is proud to offer Ten Pin Alley in conjunction with PCS Games.

Immerse yourself in a simulated bowling alley to play one of the world’s oldest and most beloved participatory sports! At Ten Pin Alley, you will be competing against friends and family or playing solo as the not-so-world-renound Bo Linball gives the play-by-play…among other things.

The sounds of strikes, spares, cheers, elation and frustration surround you as lucky and unlucky bowlers alike vie for that third strike to boast about the turkey they got, or that fabled perfect 300 game. Music plays from the overhead speakers and as you lace up your bowling shoes someone a few lanes away drops his ball on his foot and yelps in pain. Is this really a computer game? Or, are you actually being transported through the space-time continuum to Ten Pin Alley?!

Ten Pin Alley is an updated version of PCS Games’s Ten Pin game, which was originally developed under the DOS operating system.

This Windows version is self-voicing, so no screen reading software is required to play it. It features rich, authenic bowling alley ambiance and sound effects, an often sarcastic play-by-play announcer, and realistic bowling physics.

What’s New in Version 1.2.0

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

Minimum System Requirements

Note: Windows XP users, please see this Knowledge Base article regarding running Ten Pin Alley on Windows XP.