Pinball Party Pack for Windows

This add-on for ESP Pinball Xtreme includes three new tables at one low price! Now pinball can be made even more extreme!

Travel through the past, present and future in three totally different tables which meld seamlessly into your current installation of ESP Pinball Xtreme., which is required to play these tables.

Pinball Tables

The Revenge of ShockRa

Travel to the future and face off as DynaMan against the sizzling hot and wickedly evil ShockRa, sister of the Sparx Brothers. No mazes this time, just one angry villainness bent on destroying DynaMan forever! Can you short circuit the Emperess of Electricity while avoiding open circuits and being sucked into wormholes?

Old Man Stanley’s House

It’s today, and old man Stanley’s come home from a long night o’ drinkin’ at the Silver Dollar saloon. He thinks he’s gonna kick back, relax, maybe watch a little TV, until you show up. The more mayhem you create in Stanley’s house, the more points you rack up! This table is the most complex and audio rich accessible pinball table ever created, weighing in at nearly 30MB all by itself!

XTreme Wild West

In this revamp of the Wild West table, you’re back in the town of Silver Dollar with all your old favorite trouble to be gettin’ into, but also with a lot of new things to do as well. Hitch a ride on the train, light some dynomite and blow this town to smitherines! Features digitally remastered audio from the classic table, all new sounds and dialog, music, and much more!

Minimum System Requirements